Earlier this year, Google launched Google Maps — and in the last month or so there have been some really interesting things that people have done with Google Maps.

One of the coolest is the Craigslist-GoogleMaps combo site which takes the housing info from Craigslist and displays it on Google Maps. My girlfriend and I are currently looking for a new place in San Francisco, and this site is awesome for browsing the Craiglist listings.

Something else that I’ve seen are customized maps created on Google Maps. Because Google maps uses XML, they are pretty easy to create. Here is a great article on Engadget about how to create your own customized map.

!/timages/i/4-17-05-googlemaps.jpg(Google Maps Example)!

A few weeks ago, Google integrated Keyhole with Google Maps, and someone created a collection of some of the odd and amusing sights. Check out Google Sightseeing to browse their collection of images.