Last weekend I signed up the new service called YouMail I have to admit that I was suspect of the domain name, however, it really is a cool free tool that does SUCH a better job managing voicemail than Verizon or Cingular In fact, this is a service that I always secretly wanted – but never found.


After signing up for YouMail, you can manage your voicemail messages online (listen, delete, forward via email), you can set personalized messages for your different contacts (mom gets a nice one, my buddy gets a funny one), can you can even block certain people from leaving a message.

This service is totally brilliant and easy to use once you get past the setup process. You have to change a couple of settings in your cell phone (specifically your voicemail #), but they have decent instructions that walked me through the process. Their java control panel is really intuitive – you can record messages from it, manage contact settings, view incoming call history, and manage your voicemail.

I always thought voicemail was annoying to check on my phone – way more cumbersome to check than email. YouMail would be incredible if it was integrated with my webmail (and I could check them together).

Other features that would be nice:
- forward certain callers to another number
- better email features (like auto-forward to my email)
- transcribe my messages and send them to me in email
- work on a blackberry or treo

Overall though, I’m impressed and will continue to use it.