I noticed this article covered in 3 Quarks Daily today — that the North American based McArthur & Co. Publishing to -censor- edit Nancy Huston’s award winning French-language novel “Lignes de faille” before publishing it in English.

Kim McArthur, founder of McArthur & Co. is quoted in Globe and Mail saying that the author “has promised us some slight revisions; it’s very tiny . . . maybe four sentences” to permit Lignes de faille to be published in 2007 in Canada and, possibly, the United States with a new English title, _Birth Marks_.

The controversy is over how Nancy Huston writes about the war in Iraq, George Bush, Jesus, and pornography. Huston says “contemporary America is reproducing the worst traits of Nazi Germany. I believe we are in a pretotalitarian state.”

As an American, this makes me really frustrated, but at the same time it doesn’t surprise me. If the original book were published in English, -Fox News- the right-wing media would likely attack the publisher, the author, and bring back memories of _freedom fries_. This is censorship at it’s worst and demonstrates the influence that the US media has on what is and what isn’t published in America.

Completely off-topic — it’s interesting to see that _Lignes de faille_ is nominated this year to the Prix Goncourt, France’s most famous literary award. The Goncourt winner is selected by the Academie Goncourt jury in the 2nd floor dining room at Restaurant Drouant in Paris. I ate dinner in this same room earlier this year…what a place!