I’m particularly interested in how the election results affect things like:

* _Net neutrality_: Sounds like the democrats won’t make a drastic change and sign the net neutrality bill, but Ed Markey as Chairman of the Telecom and Internet Subcommittee may help fend off legislation from telcos.
* _Copyright_: TechDirt has a good post about this. In summary, it basically depends on who is assigned to lead the Congressional IP subcommittee.
* _Gas prices_: I didn’t think it was coincidence that prices fell drastically from August-Nov, leading up to the election. I also don’t find it surprising that oil prices rose today and inventory fell sharply.
* _Housing prices_: A great article on Bloomberg says that democrats may be concerned that the fed is “too focused on inflation, to the detriment of promoting growth”. I’m with them if it doesn’t cause the price of my house to drop! ;)