I registered a new domain a couple of months ago via GoDaddy and paid for 2 years on my credit card. A week ago I received a piece of mail that looked like a bill for my domain titled “Website Listing Service” telling me where to send my payment. I read the details and it turns out a company called
http://www.listingcorp.com wants to charge me to $65 a year to submit my domain with up to 8 keywords to 20 established search engines.

First: the way this is presented is deceptive. I bet a lot of people confuse this with the actual domain registration and just pay it.

Second: what search engine takes domain submissions with keywords (and actually values the keywords)? Also, if my site is of any value, shouldn’t the top 20 search engines find it anyway?

Third: it’s lame that they got my name and domain info from GoDaddy. Did GoDaddy sell it to them, or did they just scrape it from the GoDaddy WHOIS database?

Lastly: if you’re genuinely interested in offering me a service, don’t send me a bill. The first thing on their letter is instructions on who to make my check out to. If Listing Corp is a real company, offer me a valuable service, like setting up XML sitemaps so search engines crawl my site better.

Here is what my bill from Listingcorp.com looked like: