The Nintendo wii are two the most in demand holidays gifts this year.

The PS3 is selling for over 1,000 cmdZViewItem on ebay and the wii is selling for $600-700

The reason for these inflated prices is that Sony and Nintendo couldn’t produce them fast enough for the holiday season.

My girlfriend was trying to buy me the wii and she got up at 6am today to go to Target, where they were rumored to get a shipment. She got there and said over 100 people were in line and that Target was only expecting 15-20 of the wii systems…so she went home and back to sleep.

While making the hottest gaming systems available in low supply right before the holiday season is sure to create a buying frenzy, I tend to think that Sony and Nintendo also miss the opportunity to sell to people like me. I’m not a gamer, but if they were in better supply, I’d be playing it today. However, since they aren’t available unless you wait in line overnight or pay an exorbitant price on ebay — I’m not buying one. And this is the opportunity they are missing — someone who would only buy the system for Christmas or as a Christmas gift, and will otherwise forget about the wii and the PS3 after December 25th.