I went to the Sacramento Kings Houston Rockets game last night up in Sacramento. I only go to one basketball game every year or so, and that’s often enough for me. I’m more of a baseball fan and don’t keep up as much with the NFL and NBA. We had a great time and sat 10 rows behind the hoop. Some of the things I realized:
* Compared to the MLB and NFL, the NBA really goes all out to keep people in their seats and entertained. There were dancers and performers during practically every break.
* People in Sacramento cheer a lot for the Kings, even though they aren’t very good this year. I remember “NY Knicks”: fans booing when the Knicks weren’t at their best (like now).
* The Kings are a big part of life in Sacramento. They even show up on the first page of search results at Google when you search for Sacramento. How many other sports teams get that when searching for their city name? None that I could find…
* Visiting Sacramento reminded me how big agriculture is in California. When you walk by the luxury boxes, you see farmers and cowboys entertaining colleagues, friends and family.
* Basketball video games are incredibly realistic. Arco Arena seemed to play the same exact music clips that you hear in a game like NBA Live. And the songs change during each possession — an energetic song with the Kings have the ball, and something more suspenseful when they are on defense.