I was a member of Gorilla Fitness in San Francisco and I cancelled my membership in March of ’06, after my 3 year contract expired.

Later in 2006, Crunch Fitness replaced Gorilla Fitness and in December 2006 I received a bill on my credit card for Crunch Fitness, 9 months after I had cancelled.

I called Crunch to explain that I cancelled, they stopped billing me in March, and that there must be a mistake. Their customer service rep responded by telling me that their billing system was down for 9 months, which is why I wasn’t billed, and that I would have to visit a Crunch Fitness location to cancel.

What unbelievably awful service! I plan on filing a dispute with my credit card company and will file a complaint with the BBB.

After searching on the web to see if other people have successfully resolved this, it appears that there are *tons* of people with the same exact complaint.

Please don’t ever join a Crunch owned gym or you’ll never be able to cancel. I can’t believe such a large company would provide such awful, dishonest and deceptive service!

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