I’ve installed two great plugins this week (one for firefox and one for itunes), and I think both are useful enough to be actual product features.

For Firefox: CiteBite allows you to highlight text on any webpage, right click it, and create a tinyurl that links back to that text and highlights it. Here is an example: http://pages.citebite.com/u9r8y1d9ibba
I think there are other cool features that can be offered with this. Two that I’d like in particular are the ability to leave a comment with the highlighted text and the ability to save the quotes in a profile.

For iTunes: iConcertCal is a plugin that creates a custom concert calendar based on what you listen to in iTunes. When I turned it on, I found out that Cold War Kids and Oranger are playing at the Great American Music Hall on Feb 23 and Mar 1, respectively. Two shows that I’ll likely attend and didn’t know about before. Awesome!