Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for Maui and in advance of the trip I decide to search online to find the best beach on the island (aside from Ka’anapali beach, where we’re staying).

Considering that we’re going to Hawaii, I decided to try, and found the results to be quite useful. For example, I searched for Maui beaches and the last link in that section is a great resource that describes all the beaches on Maui:
Maui Beaches

Part of the usefulness of Mahalo is it’s display of related content on a single page. While I was initially only looking for Maui beaches, I scanned the rest of the page and found myself interested in restaurant and nightlife reviews. I find this page design similar to the layout of the aggregated reference material on I go to for a definition of a term, but then find myself reading an encyclopedia and thesaurus entry for it as well. I had a similar experience on Mahalo.

Out of curiosity, I compared this to a search on Google for best maui beaches“”: and Google ranks that page on first. I wonder why Mahalo lists specific beaches above a page that describes them all? I suppose this is one of the differences that you get from hand-selected results… Not bad, just different.