Like Fred I had an iPhone sitting in a box for about a month, torn about whether to open and active it since I already have a blackberry.

Even though I don’t really need another phone and didn’t want to carry 2 phones around, I decided that if I don’t open it, I would never have a chance to experience v1 of the iPhone again. Silly as it sounds, this is why I decided to open it.

Now that my iPhone is activated, I have no regrets whatsoever. The blackberry is awful for viewing webpages and is only good for typing (but I’m starting to get better at typing on the iPhone). The iPhone has a far superior interface, both in the browser and the os. A large part of my mobile usage is viewing webpages when travelling or when not at my computer, and for this, the iPhone is really worth it. Two of the standout iPhone-specific apps I’ve used so far include Meebo for instant messaging and Google Reader for reading my fav blogs. Using Safari is really terrific since it’s a fully functional browser, whereas the blackberry browser is really a crippled application. Reading articles on the iPhone is actually pleasant, and using javascript on apps like Gmail is nice, whereas I could rarely get CSS or javascript-based sites to load properly (or in a readable format) on the blackberry.

My only dilemma now is that I have two phone numbers, one for the blackberry and one for the iPhone. To solve that, I’m using GrandCentral  I’ve started to give out my GrandCentral number to people, and I set it up to ring on both cell phones, giving me the option to carry only one phone and/or to take calls on whichever one makes sense (the blackberry is paid through work so I try to use it mainly for work calls).

As soon as GrandCentral begins forwarding SMS messages to my cell, I’ll feel comfortable making that my dedicated number and making the switch 100%. And as for people like Fred who aren’t sure what to do with their new unopened iPhone, I say just open it and use it — you won’t regret it at all. Plus, when will you ever have a chance to have v1 of the iPhone again?