I was travelling through the Helsinki airport yesterday and ran across an internet kiosk for a local newspaper, where the newspaper was the default homepage, but the kiosk allowed me to use the browser to access any other website.

I’m surprised not many other newspapers have done this. A kiosk located in the airport provides travellers with a simple way to read the news, and also enables them to access email or whatever it is they are interested in. A similar idea is to provide freely accessible WIFI, with the newspaper set as the homepage. These services are cheap to maintain, and benefits the newspaper with improved access to their content (ie. more readers/page views) and increased loyalty with their brand (because they are providing this quality, free service for their users).

What is preventing more free, sponsored, WIFI hotspots? Is the airport (or other locations) trying to charge extraordinarily high fees for this?

Speaking of free, sponsored, WIFI hotspots, I was just in a Paris café where WIFI was free as long as I viewed a 30-second Nokia commercial. While not ideal, I was fine with this, as it’s better than paying T-Mobile at Starbucks. But insead, why not just make the homepage default to a Nokia product? I didn’t watch the video at all, but if they had a cool product for me to check out, I would probably take a split second to look at it if I landed on their website.