I’ve been swamped with writing essays for business school applications and have a few comments about the process:

* I like how some teams have blogs. The process of applying feels a bit like dropping an application into a black hole and waiting, so it’s nice to have a voice on the other end.
* While browsing the admissions blogs, I came across an NYU student blog from Amir, who interned with us over the summer.
* Some of the schools use a ‘common application’ from applyyourself.com, but it isn’t really a common app because I have to enter my name, address, gpa, work experience, etc into each of them. It would be nice if it simply carried over my basic information to each application.
* Some of school websites project a misleading image of the school (I hope). Columbia’s website says © 2002. I realize admissions people are busy with deadlines looming, but it’s time to update your web template.