I had a terrific vacation and trip back east. Luckily most of my clients and colleagues were away, so there weren’t any immediate issues to attend to. This meant I wasn’t on my computer much, especially since my iPhone covers all the basics for me, like email, calendar, sms, blogs, maps etc.

For Christmas I received a Garmin Nuvi 350 and while the GPS feature is nice, the directions and company look-up aren’t as accurate or as fast as Google Maps If the iPhone had GPS and if Google Maps had voice-spoken directions, I would have no need to the Garmin whatsoever.

Tonight I drove to Corte Madera in Marin, and the Garmin was super slow in looking up directions to West Elm. I was able to look up the address: on Google Maps before the Garmin listed the store address. I’ve also found the Garmin’s directions in the city aren’t great, as it doesn’t aviod high congestion areas, such as Union Square or Chinatown in SF. Local knowledge gets me home faster than Garmin’s suggestions from the freeway, but the Garmin GPS and Maps display are pretty handy, especially when you’re looking for a specific street and it’s dark outside.