I’ve been consumed with so much at work and in my personal life over the last couple of months that I’ve completely ignored my blog. A few updates:
*My final four bracket has been annihilated, with only 1 team left. So much for my Georgetown/UCONN final.
*I was considering going to business school and still am. I got into a great program and now just have to decide whether it’s really the best fit for me at this point.
*Things at work have been going really well and I’ve lead a lot of new and interesting content deals. A really cool one just bubbled up in a number of legal blogs last week. Funny because these deals usually go unnoticed by press/blogs.
*I’ve been asked to keynote a conference in the Czech Republic in June and am trying to secure a speaking slot at a related conference nearby. That will make for some interesting travel and potential deals in Europe.
*There are a number of very active discussions about the semantic web and about music business models both of which I am very interested in. I’ll follow up soon with my thoughts on both.