I’ve gotten fed up with my hosting package at GoDaddy after experiencing continual latency loading my site. While GoDaddy’s hosting may not be great, I do like them for managing my domains. So last week I transfered philtered from Register.com to GoDaddy. The transfer is supposed to be completed sometime today.

I looked at a number of companies for hosting, including Pair Networks Media Temple and Dreamhost I decided to go with Dreamhost, as they seem to offer the best package for the best price. $7/month for hosting with shell access seems pretty solid.

Since I’m going to have to transfer my site to Dreamhost, I’ve also started looking into whether I should upgrade my blog software. I have had Textpattern for a while and realize that it’s quite ancient compared to a lot of the other providers, such as WordPress Movable Type and Typepad WordPress seems to offer a lot of great plugins, so I am going to install that on Dreamhost and play around with it. Then comes the hard part – transferring my blog without losing my websearch ranking.

Google recently published a set of best practices for moving your site which is helpful. But moving from Textpattern to WordPress is going to be difficult, especially if I want to keep the same urls. I may just have to reload the content and get my site reindexed.

Alex Brie has a great description on how he imported textpattern into wordress but from the the comments, it sounds like it doesn’t work that well for everyone. I’m going to give it a shot this weekend.