This morning I upgraded to the 3G iPhone. I waited in line with BrianP at the Chestnut Street Apple Store in SF. The line didn’t take very long and I bought one of the few remaining 16GB models available (the Chestnut store won’t have more 16GB models until tomorrow).

A few initial reactions to the 3G iPhone:
* The device lives up to the hype, and the day 1 activation disasters will soon be forgotten (if they haven’t been already).
* The in-store activation process was a headache and the salesperson had to call AT&T because I had a corporate discount on my monthly bill. Apple should push AT&T for a more simplified activation process. The only reason lines were as long as they were is because activation with AT&T is so time-intensive.
* 3G internet is super fast and well worth the upgrade.
* The Apps store is awesome and there are a handful of standout applications.

My favorite applications thus far:
* Loopt: allows you to add your friends and see where they are on a map at any given time (by using the built in gps). It’s on the spammy and creepy side, but fun as long as you only allow people you trust to connect with you.
* Yelp: uses the gps functionality to find nearby restaurants, bars, shops, etc. Ranks them based on distance away and rating of the establishment.
* Facebook: I like theFacebook iPhone app better than, mainly because it doesn’t contain all the spammy and distracting Facebook apps (super wall, super duper wall, ninja vs pirate, etc). I’m left wondering why the iPhone Facebook app doesn’t have the Loopt functionality. It would dominate the iPhone social networking if it did.
* A few other stand-outs are the NYTimes app, the iTunes remote, and Twitterific.

I’m surprised not to see apps from WSJ, Friendfeed, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Docs, Amazon, ESPN, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports. This leaves the door open for someone else to define the iPhone app category leader.

Now I have to list my v1 iPhone on Craigslist. Anyone want to buy it from me?