Monday January 5th marked my last day at Google and my first day at Columbia Business School. Working at Google over the last 5+ years was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had. I had mixed feelings about leaving the company, but do so knowing that I’ve built a number of solid relationships and friendships that will last no matter where I end up.

Orientation at Columbia caught me completely off guard. The level of energy and enthusiasm that the current students put into welcoming the new class was impressive and definitely helped ease the transition back into school. Here we are with 180 people with vastly diverse backgrounds and interests — but just after 5 days it’s already feeling like a tight-knit group.

We have introductory courses beginning next week and I’m taking an exemption exam tomorrow, so I really need to go study for that.

I’ll use this blog over the next 16 months to keep everyone updated on my experiences at Columbia and in New York City.