I met with ITG (the IT Group) at Columbia yesterday and found some interesting statistics about Mac usage. My J-term 2010 class has one of the largest percentage of Mac users the school has had, with approximately 20% of students using Mac laptops. Of the class of 2010 (including Fall and J-term), 17% use Macs. And of the entire school (’09 and ’10), 15% use Macs. It’s great that ITG actually supports both Mac and Windows — which gives students an opportunity to make the jump to Mac when they enroll.

As for downsides of using a Mac, there aren’t really any. The only slightly annoying thing is that Excel for Mac doesn’t have the features we need for a decision models class, so Mac users have to let ITG install Office for Windows on their laptop for just that single class. Fortunately the school has a site license for Office, so the only extra cost is the price of Windows and/or Parallels, in case you don’t want to use Bootcamp.

While Mac usage at the business school is steadily growing, it doesn’t look quite like this yet: