One thing that I’m still getting used to is the fact that I barely have time to get online with my laptop between 10am and 5pm. Not a single professor allows laptop use in the classroom (which is probably a good thing because I am easily distracted by blogs, news and email).

Anyway, I’m using my iPhone to read/send email, read news, and browse the web between classes and during lunch. I haven’t done a formal study, but a large percentage of Columbia students are using iPhones. The iPhone syncs with Exchange (email, calendar, and contacts) and iPhone users don’t have to pay an additional license fee that blackberry users are stuck with (it’s somewhere around $150 to get a Columbia BB account) — not to mention the iPhone apps are great and I can listen to music on my short subway ride to school.

For people considering other phones, keep in mind that you want a phone that supports Exchange server. Columbia’s email server doesn’t support IMAP or POP.