Everyday there’s a new story (or six stories) about how the newspaper industry is in trouble and how nobody other than journalists are qualified to report on the news. Oh yeah, and that Google“”: and the government should be subsidizing the papers — and how we should all miss the feel of a newspaper in our hands. It’s getting to the point that it almost sounds like the government is going to act on this.

If the government seriously gives tax breaks for newspapers, who’s next in line? I can understand government involvement with things like keeping the financial system from collapsing, but we can’t save every single industry, can we?

What signal does it send when the government steps in to save every failing industry? Also, how could we depend on unbiased news when journalists are funded by the government? I like how David Carr said it today: “to leave our industry tin-cupping its way around a government it covers seems desperate and ill-advised: a cure that might be worse than the disease.”

Instead of complaining about the problems, I really wish people spent more time talking about new ideas. Not just a short-term solution, but new ways for people to produce, discover and read news.