Columbia Business School runs an auction for selecting classes each semester. Students begin with 15,000 points when they enter Columbia and use them until they graduate. So you ideally want to spend all your bid points by the time you complete the required 60 credits.

The most popular classes at school can go for a lot of points. The first round of bidding for the fall semester took place last week and some courses went for well over 5,000 points. I spent 5,500 on High Performance Leadership and 1,000 on Entrepreneurial Finance with Dean Hubbard.

While the subject matter of the course is always an important factor, it’s the professor that makes classes expensive. I pick the top 6 or 7 classes I want to take, then choose the ones with the best professor. And if there is a great professor you can’t get or don’t bid enough for, you can usually audit the class for free.

Anyways, round two of the auction ends tomorrow, so I’m off to bid for my last class.