I’ve been using foursquare over the last month and typically like it. I received a few local offers from advertisers and took advantage of one for discounted movie tickets I’d like to see more local business offers within foursquare, but they have to be really useful too (discounts, free samples, etc). To track when the coupons are used, foursquare asks the user to check-in at the location, so they can easily track how a coupon campaign affects the advertiser’s check-ins (and sales). I actually think foursquare has lot in common with Groupon.com, which are both trying to tackle the local couponing opportunity.

In addition to selling ads/coupons to local merchants, Foursquare should recommend businesses to me based on member trends. For example, if a user visits the same coffee shop and grocery store as me, but goes to a chinese restaurant I don’t, foursquare can recommend the place for me to try. Or if that poses a security concern, you could recommend just based on my friends. These recommended places should definitely be listed on the local business pages, such as this one for Carmines Restaurant It also seems odd to me that the local business pages don’t have a rating system (like Yelp).