Last week Fortune posted 10 tips for career success from Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, a former Googler, and now CEO at Polyvore. I worked in Sukhinder’s group for about 6 months before she took on Asia-Pac/LatAm responsibilities, and while I agree with most of the advice in her post, I would change #9 from “Go in with a vision of your 100-day plan and see if it resonates” to “Go in with a 7-day, 30-day, and 100-day gameplan to see if it resonates”.

When I visited Zynga in January, Bing Gordon introduced me to this idea of having a  7-day plan when you start a new job. He’s found that the best indicator of success for someone within a company is what they accomplish in their first week. While initially I thought it was a stretch for a new employee to have a major contribution in 7 days, the more you think about it, crushing your first week (and first month) is hugely important if you want to succeed and advance quickly within any organization.