Occasionally I take a look at the performance of some of the content partners I worked with when I was at Google. In particular, I was curious to look at legal publishers to see how they’ve been impacted by Google Scholar’s legal search feature.

W.S. Hein, a publisher of law reviews and other legal content, has seen a big spike in visitors since November, as indicated by the charts below.

Compete’s data on heinonline.org:

…and Quantcast…

…but ComScore didn’t have any data available for heinonline.org. It’s frustrating because Compete and Quantcast are free to use, but ComScore obviously isn’t. I’m sure there’s a valid reason for this, such as ComScore not having access to panel information from universities (I’d guess the majority of legal search traffic comes from schools), but it still doesn’t explain why ComScore can’t improve their data sources to be at least as good as the free options.