Congrats to Brian Rothenberg, a former InSITE fellow of mine, who recently helped raise a round of VC funding for his startup,

SkillSlate’s goal is to connect consumers with local individual service providers.  When you need a service performed, individuals are often better than larger companies.  Without a big brand to hide behind, individuals are usually more invested in their reputation, so they’re more personable, offer higher quality work, and are cheaper because there’s no middle man taking a cut (since larger companies tend to take a sizable cut, and pay their people less).  However, outside of a word-of-mouth recommendation, it’s often hard to find them, which is where SkillSlate comes in.

I’m particularly excited to try out the service because I’ve never had a great experiencing hiring individuals from Craigslist. Last year we hired a painter, who did an awful job and never showed up on time – and the year before that we hired a carpenter to fix some steps on our deck, but he took 2 months longer than expected. I can’t wait for SkillSlate to expand beyond NYC and begin serving San Francisco.